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Regional Landfill ltd. Subotica is a company dealing with the treatment,
storage, reuse and disposal of non-hazardous waste
in the Subotica region



The regional waste management system of the Municipalities of Subotica, Senta, Kanjiza, Backa Topola, Mali Idos, Coka and Novi Knezevac was born as a response to the challenges caused by the generation of an ever-increasing amount of waste, and due to the need to harmonize the region with national and European standards.


The European Union allocated 20.15 million euros for the implementation of the waste management system through the IPA program, to which the state budget contributed 3.2 million euros. The waste management agglomeration of Subotica consists of more than 220,000 inhabitants, based on analysis, the average annual amount of waste per person in the region amounts to 360-380 kilograms.


After the construction of the waste management system (2012-2018), the trial operation was started, then with the acquisition of the operational, water and integrated environmental protection (IPPC) permit, in 2022 the company gained full authorization to treat and dispose of non-hazardous industrial waste in addition to municipal waste.


- Mechanical preparation and transport of waste from transfer stations to the regional central plant.

- In addition to the central waste treatment plant, the operation of the central landfill, transfer stations and waste yards that meet public health and sanitary conditions.

- Sorting, collecting and separating usable waste from municipal waste before final disposal.

- Preparation and processing of secondary raw materials and their market sale.

- The operation of the recycling system and the development of the necessary environmental technical infrastructure.

- Operation of a composting plant, mechanical-biological treatment of waste before disposal, production of green energy.


The long-term provision of a regional municipal solid waste management system that is fully adequate from an environmental point of view for the timely treatment and disposal of the waste and garbage produced by the population, in order to ensure the living space of future generations. Directions based on the ʺwaste pyramid conditionsʺ:

- Prevention of waste generation,

- Minimizing the generation of waste at the source,

- Waste reuse,

- Waste recycling,

- Use of waste for energy production,

- Permanent and safe disposal of waste,

- Introduction and increase of primary waste selection within households,

- Prevention of environmental pollution near rivers and irrigation canals,

- Closure and recultivation of existing landfills.


The company's goal is to continue to fully develop the waste management system envisaged in the project, which is in line with the state regulations, environmental protection and within this the waste management and disposal programs and strategies, as well as with the requirements of the European Union.

- Maintaining and developing the leading role of our available environmental technologies.

- Reception and management of industrial waste.

- Selling biodegradable waste as products or by-products.

- Development of environmental technology in order to reduce the permanent disposal of waste.

- Developing environmental awareness as a citizen's need.


Waste Collection Center in Novi Kneževac

 Admin, 2024-07-17 10:34:08

From now on, residents of the mentioned villages can hand over waste collected in larger quantities or waste that cannot be placed in the dustbin due to its size for free. READ MORE...


Waste Collection Centers (CZSO) have been opened in Mali Iđoš, Čoka and Novi Kneževac.

 Admin, 2023-11-16 07:44:26

From now on, residents of the mentioned villages can hand over waste collected in larger quantities or waste that cannot be placed in the dustbin due to its size for free. READ MORE...


We handed over the first mobile waste yard in Čantavir

 Admin, 2021-11-15 13:28:36

Residents can selectively dispose of their municipal waste in the mobile waste yard located directly next to the centre of the municipality. The different READ MORE...





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