Admin, 2021-11-15 13:28:36

We handed over the first mobile waste yard in Čantavir

Residents can selectively dispose of their municipal waste in the mobile waste yard located directly next to the centre of the municipality. The different types of waste must be placed (thrown in) separately, according to the markings (separate plastic, paper, glass, aluminium, metal, textiles and footwear).

Households in Čantavir have also recently been provided with rubbish bins and now a mobile waste yard has been added to further develop environmentally conscious waste collection and primary sorting in the local community.

The waste yard has an internal bin system and a security camera monitors the waste thrown in.

The amount of waste collected is monitored daily and the yard is open all day.

The Regional Landfill Ltd. and the Municipality of Subotica jointly applied for the mobile waste yards last year, and the city received 4.5 million dinars from the Provincial Government for the project.

This initiative will bring the services of the Regional Landfill Ltd. closer to the residents. In the long term, the mobile yards will contribute to the establishment of primary selection, while at the same time, the amount of waste is reduced, and it is processed and disposed of in a controlled manner from the area of ​​the local community in Čantavir.