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"Regional landfill" d. about. about. Subotica is a regional company for the treatment, storage and disposal of non-hazardous waste, with a location in Bikovo. The company was issued an IPPC permit by the Provincial Secretariat for Urbanism and Environmental Protection of AP Vojvodina on 09. 11. in 2022. year under the number 140-501-703/2022-05, with which the conditions for disposing of non-hazardous waste that meet the limit values ​​of the parameters for disposing of non-hazardous waste were acquired. 

In order to accept waste from legal entities, it is necessary to fulfill the following conditions:.

  1. For each type of waste, it is necessary to prepare a report on waste testing according to the Rulebook on categories, testing and classification of waste ("Fig.. gaznik RS", no. 56/2010, 93/2019 and 39/2021).
  2. You can see the list of waste testing laboratories at the end of this notice.
  3. After determining the index number by the accredited laboratory, it is necessary to sign the Contract in order to perform the service activity.
  4. To draw up a contract, you must provide company data: name of the legal entity, registration number, PIB, address, name of the responsible person and contact phone number.
  5. After the contract is signed by both parties, the procedure for receiving waste consists of weighing the truck at the entrance and exit, the driver receives a dispatch note with the weight of the waste and a document on the movement of waste.
  6. The document on the movement of waste must be prepared based on the Rulebook on the form of the document on the movement of waste and the instructions for filling it out.
  7. The document on the movement of waste is created for the first time by the Regional Landfill d. about. about. , and after that, during each tour, private individuals print 4 copies and deliver them via the driver with the waste brought, and we only certify and return the copy.
  8. Acceptance of waste for further treatment or disposal at a sanitary landfill is charged according to the valid price list, which you can view by clicking on the following link:. PRICELIST.

Acceptance of the delivered waste is rejected when the waste does not meet the disposal conditions established by the permit, when different types of waste are mixed, i.e.. when the delivered waste poses a risk to human health and the environment, when a visual inspection has determined that the delivered waste is not identical to the waste for which the test was carried out and that it is necessary to supplement or re-test the waste, as well as when the conditions for disposal prescribed by the Waste Disposal Regulation are not met .

If the re-examination of the waste determines that the waste in question is not identical to the waste for which the examination was carried out or does not meet the conditions for disposal, the costs of the additional examination and loading of the waste shall be borne by the owner/transporter of the waste.