Trial operation of the Regional Waste Management system in the Subotica Region

On the beginning of July, 2019 the Regional Waste Management Center in Bikovo started to receive municipal waste from the territories of city of Subotica and Municipality of Kanjiža. The waste separation line, the composting plant began to operate, and the first quantities of treated waste has been disposed on the sanitary landfill.


From August, 2019 the transfer stations in Bačka Topola and Senta were also put into operation, therefore these two municipalities have the possibility to hand over their municipal waste to the Regional Landfill Ltd. The waste is transported from there to the regional center, where it is treated and disposed properly. The transfer station in Kanjiža joined on 28 of August,2019.
'Til today, the Regional Landfill Ltd. received approximately 1488 t of municipal waste, which has been treated. 120 t of treated municipal waste fraction is currently in composting process and additional 394 t are in the phase of preparation for composting. 685t of treated municipal waste was disposed, while the rest is baled and stored until being handed over to an operator for recycling.


The integration of Mali Iđoš, Čoka and Novi Kneževac is expected this fall.
Trial operation of the Regional Center will last ‘til July 2020, after which the issuing of Usage Permit is expected in line with the Law on Planning and Construction, and the IPPC permit in line with the Law on Waste Management.