Presentation of the Business Plan of the Company

In the period from 26th June to 28th June 2018, the presentation of the "Regional Landfill" Ltd Subotica Busines Plan (hereinafter: Business Plan) in local self-governments of the regional waste management system (consisting of the City of Subotica and the municipalities of Backa Topola, Senta, Kanjiza, Coka, Mali Idjos and Novi Knezevac) was held.
The Business Plan of the company was prepared by experts engaged by the Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Serbia, as a supervision entity on the project "Building a regional system for municipal solid waste management in the Subotica region".
The representatives of the Secretariat for Public Works and the Secretariat for Environmental Protection in front of the municipal and city administration, representatives of Public utility companies and private partner Brantner waste business Ltd honored the event with their presence.
Presentation of the Business Plan is designed to provide basic information in order to understand the future regional waste management system and in order to reach a common agreement regarding the basic conditions of the functioning of the system.
The objective of the Business Plan is to propose a sustainable regional system for municipal solid waste management, to determine the prices and charging policy, to establish the necessary staff for trial work, to establish the basics for the preparation of the waste records system before comissioning the landfill, to establish the basics for the sustainable management of municipal solid waste, the separation of recyclable waste at its place of origin, the reduction of waste and the production of compost.
With this document, in this coming period, it is necessary to develop municipal and city decisions, as well as agreements between all partners in waste management, and there will be necessary changes in the regional regulations for the implementation of a new system of functioning and charging.

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