Admin, 2021-10-21 10:51:14

Household waste will soon have to be collected in two bins.

After obtaining the IPPC, or Industrial Pollution Prevention and Control permit, the Regional Landfill Ltd. in Bikovo now accepts municipal waste as well as industrial waste. At the beginning of the year, the first contracts for the treatment of non-hazardous industrial waste from companies were signed. In addition to the municipality of Subotica, we also successfully cooperate with several companies in the region of Vojvodina, Serbia.

Half of the municipal waste from Subotica is delivered to the regional central plant, and this proportion is steadily increasing. During the year, primary selective collection of household waste was introduced in some villages in the agglomeration. Citizens have received and are receiving two bins: recyclable waste (paper, metal, glass and plastic waste) is placed in the blue and mixed waste in the green bins. The inhabitants of Čoka, Mali Iđoš and Palić have already successfully started the selective collection of waste.

Municipalities consider it important for the community to get involved in environmental protection and recycling. The aim is to increase environmental awareness and promote recycling.

The spread of selective waste collection is having positive results and is leading to more efficient management of household waste.