Regional Landfill Ltd

Full business name: Limited Liability company for municipal solid waste management ‘REGIONAL LANDFILL’ Subotica

Short business name: ‘REGIONAL LANDFILL’ Ltd. Subotica

Address: Trg Lazara Nešića 1, 24000 Subotica

Main activities: 3811 Collection of non-hazardous waste

Number of registration: BD 146624/2007 dated December 03, 2007

Company registration number: 20354194

TIN: 105425742

UNBU: 81103

Data about share capital: Registered share capital is 83.597,67 RSD

Director: Góli Csilla, graduated economics

The company was registered in the single register of taxpayers of the Tax Administration on February 18, 2008 and started carrying out the registered activities.