Mission, vision, goals


The mission of the company is to create conditions for the implementation of the regional waste management system in accordance with the National strategy requirements, national legislation and EU directives, as well as development and raising environmental awareness among citizens.


The vision of the company is the construction of a modern regional solid waste management system and reaching the highest level of waste management in the Republic of Serbia. With the progress in the construction of regional sanitary landfill and related facilities, the conditions are provided for closing and rehabilitation of the existing dumpsites in the region as well as the conditions for safe disposal of waste so that ground water, soil and air are not contaminated. Special attention should be paid to education of citizens and revival of the need for the regulated waste management system which functioning depends on individuals.


The primary goal of the solid waste management system is fulfillment of the needs of the region regarding waste management and establishment of a completely new approach to waste management to satisfy the needs of future generations, through:

  1. Prevention of waste generation
  2. Minimization of waste generation at its source
  3. Reuse of waste
  4. Waste recycling
  5. Use of waste for energy production
  6. Permanent safe waste disposal
  7. Increased primary separation
  8. Prevention of environmental pollution in the vicinity of rivers and irrigation canals
  9. Closure and recultivation of the existing dumpsites
  10. Other goals established by the National waste management strategy

The above mentioned goals will be achieved by constructing the regional sanitary landfill with related facilities (administration building, power substations, leachate treatment plant, service for vehicles), waste selection plant, composting plant, transfer stations in Bačka Topola, Senta and Kanjiža with recycling yards, recycling yards in Subotica, Čoka, Mali Iđoš and Novi Kneževac, procurement of additional equipment for waste collection and primary selection, procurement of vehicles for long distance transport of waste and raising environmental awareness of citizens and other educational activities.