Financing sources

According to the Inter-municipal Agreement on Establishment, the company "Regional Landfill" Ltd. from Subotica earns revenues from conducting the registered activities of the company, from the budget of the company’s shareholders and other resources in compliance with regulations.

Pursuant to the Agreement on financing the costs of starting up the business and performing activities of the limited liability company for solid waste management "Regional Landfill" Subotica and Annex to this Agreement, and until the end of the first six months after the beginning of earning profit from performing the registered activities, financial resources for the costs of starting up and carrying out the registered activities of the Company (the cost of preparation of design documentation, their own participation in competitions, development and implementation of educational programs for citizens and the costs of organizing a variety of activities to raise public awareness of environmental protection, the cost of purchasing basic equipment, etc.) are provided by the founders through planning the amounts in their budgets in proportion to the number of inhabitants on the territory of shareholders with respect to the total number of population provided by all shareholders and determined based on 2011 census. The amount of funds required for staring up the business and performing the related activities in a calendar year is determined in the Company's business plan that is prepared by the General Meeting of the company based on the proposal from the Director.

Financial resources for the costs of starting up and performing of the activities of the company are provided by the signatories of the Agreement in the following way:

  • City of Subotica – 54.79 %,
  • Municipality of Bačka Topola – 13.00 %,
  • Municipality of Kanjiža – 9.76 %,
  • Municipality of Senta – 8.96 %,
  • Municipality of Mali Iđoš – 4.65 % and
  • Municipality of Čoka – 4.44 %,
  • Municipality of Novi Kneževac – 4.40 %.

With regard to financing the costs of performing the registered activities, funds have been provided from the IPA Fund, government budget, and in the previous period, significant funds were provided for the implementation of preparatory activities for the construction of regional solid waste management system from the budget of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina . IPA funds of the European Union, through 2012 sector program "Environmental protection, climate change and energy", are used for financing the construction and equipping of the regional landfill and transfer stations as well as for the supervision of the works. Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection will provide funds for the purchase of equipment for waste collection, and the members of the region shall be liable to provide funds for the construction of recycling yards. At the same time, members of the region provide funds for the present costs of company’s operation.