Company’s activities

According to the Agreement on Cooperation and Establishment of the regional municipal solid waste management facility and Amendments to this Agreement (hereinafter: the Agreement), the Company was founded for the purpose of performing the following activities and operations:

  1. Construction and operation of the new regional sanitary landfill, transfer stations and recycling yards,
  2. Transport of waste from transfer (overload) stations to the regional landfill,
  3. Separation, collection and selection of recyclable waste from municipal waste separated at source,
  4. Preparation or treatment of secondary raw materials and putting them on the market of secondary raw materials,
  5. Development and improvement of recycling system, construction of necessary facilities and infrastructure,
  6. Construction of composting plant, production of energy from waste and mechanical-biological treatment before disposal in the landfill,
  7. Preparation of the Regional Waste Management Plan and others.