Educational activities continue in kindergartens

This year as well, the National Employment Service supported the educational activities of the Regional Landfill Ltd. Subotica. The kindergarten educational program started in June, and educational activities will be conducted until October. As all preschool institutions have been realizing ecological programs and activities through their contents in kindergartens for years now, during the summer period our educators will through playing with the children, repeat and establish previously acquired knowledge, in order to determine how the children can engage in proper treatment of waste through recycling, reuse and proper waste management.

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The aim of the educational activities is to improve the management of waste at the level of the Region, and in particular to, through the recycling and reuse, reduce the amount of waste that is deposited in the landfill.

Within those realized workshops, through a short story it was shown that children are superheroes on our planet, and above all someone who respects and cares about the planet on which we live. The selfish behavior of man leaves great environmental impact and an Earth that calls for help. Children are someone who loves the Earth, watering flowers, feeding birds, adoring animals, petting them and playing with them. They do not scatter trash, they stay in nature, they are smiling and, what is most important, they are always ready to do everything to prevent the Earth from suffering and to preserve it for future generations.

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We spend a considerable amount of paper every day, while numerous trees need to be cut for paper production. Recycling of paper significantly reduces the negative impact on the environment, not only by saving wood as a natural resource, but also by reducing the energy used for paper production. As for the natural resource, it is necessary to take care of its quantities. Paper and cardboard are recyclable materials that need to be reused so that they don’t end up on the landfill. Through cutting, wetting, pressing and flattening, it was practically shown how to recycle paper in a fun way.


Within the workshops, through joint conclusions, we have identified how some waste streams can be reused. Eco workshops are an opportunity to remind children of the proper handling of waste, motivate educators and parents to take positive steps in protecting the environment in their homes, kindergartens and workplaces, in order to draw attention to the consequences of individual human activities. This way, we thank once again the kindergartens, their managers and teaching staff, for cooperation in the implementation of educational activities.

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