EU support

By implementing the EU project "Construction of the regional landfill in Subotica", a comprehensive system of final disposal of municipal waste will be applied in Serbia for the first time based on the EU directives and in compliance with 2010-2019 Waste Management Strategy of the Republic of Serbia.
Construction of the regional landfill in Subotica region represents a new concept of waste management, which means that the waste is no longer observed as a burden but as a serious resource, and it is the case in member states of the European Union. Adoption of standards, a new approach to waste treatment and construction of the regional waste management system will enable revaluation of the economic value of waste and provide the highest standards of human health and environmental protection.
The indicative value of the project is 24.35 million euros. The EU financial support, in the amount of 20.15 million euros (83%), is intended for the construction of infrastructure and strengthening of capacities of regional companies and local public utility companies in Subotica region. The Government of the Republic of Serbia participates in the realization of investment by providing 3.2 million euros (13%), and one million euros (4%) will be provided from the budget of the City of Subotica and municipalities of the region.
The construction is carried out through three EU projects aimed at monitoring and technical support, construction of the regional landfill complex and construction of three transfer stations in the region with financial support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection and local governments of the region.